Thursday, July 21, 2011

Apple released new MacBook Air four features analytical

July 20 news, along with Apple's latest operating system Mac OS X Lion's sale, Apple released new MacBook Air in online store. The new MacBook Air comprehensive upgrade to the Intel SandyBridge platform, with Thunderbolt high-speed interface, and re-enable the backlit keyboard design.

SandyBridge processor upgrade

The new MacBook full upgrade to SandBridge platform, with Core i5 and i7 processor, which is equipped with 11.6-inch version of the i5 processor, clocked at 1.6GHz, 13.3-inch version with Core i7 processor, clocked at 1.7GHz. After the processor upgrade, new MacBook Air speed faster than the previous generation MacBook Air 2.5 times.

Thunderbolt interface

The all of new MacBook Air is equipped with Thunderbolt interface, Thunderbolt interface is Intel's next generation interface technology, transmission speeds up to 10Gbps, is USB 2.0 20 times, the speed means you can send a full Blu-ray Disc in 30 seconds. In addition, Thunderbolt interfaces also compatible DiyplayPort, can connect multiple display devices, Apple is the first to add that interface to notebooks.

Backlit keyboard return

The previous generation MacBook Air canceled backlit keyboard design, the move caused a lot of Apple fans of dissatisfaction. In the new generation of MacBook Air, we find that the backlit keyboard return, even in the case of light dim can easily enter. The new generation MacBook Air slim, thickness 0.3-1.7cm, 11.6-inch weighs 1.08Kg, 11.3-inch weighs 1.35Kg. It also equipped with full-size keyboard, so that text input is more comfortable.

SSD Flash configuration

The new MacBook Air configuration SSD flash, reliable and efficient. After equipped with SSD flash, MacBook Air can instant start, can also start applications quickly, standby time up to 1 month. 11.6-inch version equipped with 64GB or 128GB flash memory, 13.3-inch version equipped with 128GB or 256GB flash memory.

The new MacBook Air has landed online application store, there are four configurations to choose. The U.S. Apple online store can only optional; you can choose a frequency of 1.8GHz Core i7 processor.


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