Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Foxconn's marriage with Apple iphone

Foxconn iDPBG plant image   January 9, 2007 Apple (Apple, Inc.) CEO Steve Jobs at Macworld announced the launch of iPhone, in that same year, Foxconn entered into a contract with Apple to manufacture iPhone for Apple (OEM).

    After signing the contract, Foxconn iDPBG (Digital Products Group ) was set up in Guan town, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, in east China. At the same time, iDPBG recruited about some sixty thousands of employees, numerous buildings were built, and various machines were introduced.  

Foxconn iDPBG plant image     Foxconn is a giant OEM company in the world, it offered the same service to Nokia, Motorola and Samsung as to Apple. Due to the cheap labor force in China and its manufacturing experience accumulated over the years, Foxconn can offer a whole competitive manufacturing solution to the famous mobile and computer giants around the world. Every day, hundreds and thousands of containers being shipped to the rest of world.

     Apple used to be the pc giant, however, owning to the lack of innovation, it lagged behind of Microsoft and Dell etc, the consumers were expecting a new Apple. This is only possible after the former CEO Steve Jobs returned to Apple and innovation, again regained its position in Apple. People did not expect the great success of iPhone after Steve Jobs introduced it to the world.

    So things became clearer, iPhone became so popular across the global that Apple needed to make lots of it. People used to see that hundreds of iPhone fans lined up just to buy a iPhone. As most cell phone companies would do, Apple chose Foxconn, whether to produce the large quantity of iPhone, or to reduce cost, Foxccon is always the best choice. That's why Foxconn began its marriage with Apple iPhone.

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