Tuesday, September 22, 2009

China unicom to sell iphone in China soon

It's reported that China unicom will begin to sell iPhone on the Chinese market on 15 October, 2009, it's said that every preparation is under way.

According to some reports, China unicom will sell iPhone 8GB at 1,999 RMB, 16GB at 2,999 RMB, but the user has to sign a two-year contract with China unicom and promissing a monthly bill 186 RMB at least.

 Apple and China unicom anounced on 28 August that they had reached an agreement on the sales of iPhone in China, in which China unicom agreed that it will buy 5 million iPhone from Apple, and will pay a total of 10 billion Chinese yuan to Apple.

 To our superise, this deal between Apple and China Unicom is not exclusive, which means Appl can still sell its mobile phones to China mobile and China telecom.

So will Apple become the largest winner in China? Especially considering Apple has a huge number of fans on the Chinese market? We'll wait and see.

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