Monday, October 19, 2009

Free iPhone Gps tracking software– iLocalis

iPhone gps trackeriLocalis is a free Gps tracking apps that supports all firmware versions on iPhone 3G and 3GS, you just have to jailbreak it and install Cydia first.

Retrieve a stolen iPhone. If your iPhone is stolen you can log into the site and check out where it's at. Extra features built into iLocalis allow you to send text messages or make calls on your iPhone when you don't even have it with you. If you iPhone is stolen log in and send yourself a text message. If the thief changed the sim card you'll have their phone number!

Allow your family and friends to know where you are. iLocalis will send a message to your friends when you are near by. You can also set it up to allow your friends to locate you. If your friend also has iLocalis you can send messages to each other for free. No txt messaging charges.

Need family or someone else to know where you are? You can share a map of your location data with whomever you choose with a temporary URL that will expire when you set it to expire.

 iLocalis can also be used for a business that needs location services for their employees. Employees carrying iPhones with iLocalis can be tracked via the web site easily.

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